What are CSGO Prime Accounts ?

CSGO Prime Accounts are the paid version of game. Prime Status is acheived by leveling up account till Private Rank 21 and Also you can Prime status from steam which cost $14.99. However we provide cheapest prime accounts with ranks in almost half price comparable to steam. The perks of playing on csgo prime accounts is that you will only be matched with csgo prime accounts players. Their is very less chance of getting hackers in Prime matchmaking comparable to non prime matchmaking. Also when you get the csgo prime account status then you are eligible to get only prime exclusive drops in-game. If you are an old and profession player then it is really good and helpful for you to be queued with good player and fair matchmaking to get the best CSGO Experience if you have CSGO Prime Ranked Account 

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You will get the following information delivered to your e-mail :Steam Username and Password
Note: Steam Guard is disabled on all our accounts for easy accessibility and faster login.

Account details are emailed to your email address instantly right after successful checkout. Details which will be include in email sent by us are Steam Username and Steam Password of the account. Steam guard is always disabled so you can log right in. Then you simply change the details and the Account’s all yours. It’s really simple!

After making a successful purchase you need to do these steps to secure your account.

  • Change Steam Contact E-Mail address.
  • Change Steam Password.
  • Enable Steam Guard.


Follow these simple steps to change Steam Contact E-mail Address :

  • In the Steam client, go to  Settings -> Change Contact Email address > Click on send code
    Note : If you want to add your Phone No to account please make sure your phone wasn’t banned before or attached to a banned csgo account before because of this your new account will get banned for phone number sharing. If you want us to add phone no to your account extra charges will gonna apply.
  • A code will be texted to on accounts email.
  • Enter the code in the Steam Window and click Next.
  • Enter your new email address that you want to attach with the account, once you do that a code will be mailed to your email address, add that Code to the steam window and click Next.

Perks of CSGO Prime Accounts from us?

We provide reliable and quality account in cheapest rate with 24/7 Support. If you are familiar with CSGO you must have to be known the importance of CSGO Prime Account it helps you to get the best experience for matchmaking. In CSGO Prime Match Making players gets less numbers of hackers comparable to non prime matchmaking. You will be queued with professional and dedicated players of ranks which fall onto your skill criteria.